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Town Hall
Mayor: Esvele King, Human Female
Reports to Duke

Benbow Inn
Small, family run inn and restaurant, frequented by sailors
Proprietor: Jim Hawkins, human male.

Salty Scupper
Dockside tavern
Retired sailors, rough bar
Scaly Pete – old human bartender

Procampur General Store
Just the basics, not a great selection
Owner: Meilil Helder, Human Female

Ship building, repairs, storage, charters.
Owner: Faurgar Jansan, Human Male

Logging Camp Office
Administrative office for timber operation.
Administrator: Luisa Khalid, Human Female

Shrine of Umberlee
Human priest, former sailor
Jhessail An-khalab, Human male

Militia Barracks
Duke’s militia, mostly human. Under the command of Lord Cedric Burl.
Sergeant Race Bannon, Unit Commander

Lastfall Stables
Smaller branch to service horses on one-way trips
Stablemaster: Sudeiman Amblecrown, gnome male

Manages docks, shipping, etc
Harbormaster: Tai Shin, Human Female


Mining Office
Old Dwarf, buys ore, sells supplies and keeps track of mining parties.
Proprietor: Ardmor Battlehammer, dwarf male

Garmin Trading House
Human merchant, deals with ore, crops, timber, supplies. Runs caravans and barges back and forth to Procampur.
Owner: Ralph Garmin, Human Male

Church of Moradin
Dwarven cleric, watches over miners. The party gets the feeling Delwyn has a bit of a crush on the cleric by the way he describes her.
Cleric: Torbera Ironfist, Dwarf Female

Duke’s Office/ Residence
Duke Gerold Hightower, human male.
Lord Cedric Burl – Militia Captain. Middle-aged human male.

Copper House Inn
Yerom and Elocin, Half-elf husband and wife. Very friendly to travelers and strangers.

Unguents, Potions & Salves (Oh My!)
Apothecary & Potions Shop – Elven druid.
Owner: Betha Dumein, Elf Female

Rockford & Son Smithy
Dwarven and human smith partners. Do a lot of work for the stables, but can do weapon and armor repair and commissioned mundane weapons and armor.
Pieron Rockford, dwarf male
Balon Rockford. human male, late middle age

Rockatansky Weapons and Armor
Human weaponsmith. Good stock, some minor magical items.
Max Rockatansky – Human Male

Lastfall Emporium
Gnome market and general goods. Some minor magical items.
Proprietor: Fonkin “Stumbleduck” Turen, gnome male

Lastfall Stables
Elf stablemaster, owns shop in Procampur as well
Bai Windriver, Elf Male

Thieves’ Guild
Rumored to have increasing political power in Lastfall. Shadowy, mysterious group.

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