A Fistful of Coppers

After the Demise of the Lizard King

In which Avienda blows her top

Making her way past the numerous lizardmen Avienda blinked as she stepped out of the cavern and into the sunlight. Heading directly towards the sound of Beau’s whistling, she came up behind him, grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face her. Leaning down and into the halfling’s line of sight she snapped, “What in the nine circles of hell was that in there Beau?! Surely if you have a death wish there is no need for you to drag the rest of us along with you. Had the Lizard King,” she rolled her eyes and pronounced his name dramatically, “not been a stupid, pompous, boastful, ass, that colony in there would have wiped the floor with us. The kitchen staff would have been making Beau and Avienda stew. WE DID NOT FELL THE LIZARD KING, HIS PRIDE DID. And if things had gone differently,” she ran her hands through her hair, exasperated, “I do not appreciate you risking MY life so heedlessly.”
Beau glared at Avienda vacantly. His hand slowly moving toward the daggers sheathed on his chest. As his thumb grazed the hilt, his eyes began to focus and his hand quickly went for his medallion. He grasped the shiny medallion until his knuckles turned white and then shook his head vigorously. Beau blinked several times quickly and then focused on Avienda’s face. Stumbling over his own words, he tried to speak, “I am truly sorry for my actions in there. I assure you I meant no harm to you or anyone else. I am not quite sure what happened or what came over me.” He loosened his grip on the medallion and looked down at it then looked back up at Avienda, “I… I… I do not know what to say.”
“Looks like I’m not the only one with some like super mysterious like trinket. Where did you get that thing Beau man? Ha Beau man. Hits on so many levels, like whoa. That’s pretty funny. Anyway, what’s it ya got there?”
Beau’s calm quickly passed as he stepped back and changed his focus to Delwyn. With a stern tone in his voice, “this… is mine and that is all that matters. It is of no concern of yours.” Beau reached for the medallion again and clutched it, shaking his head vigorously he apologetically looked at Delwyn, “I’m sorry, but I do not want to talk about it now.” With that Beau tucked the medallion into his shirt raised his hood over his head and turned his back to Delwyn and Avienda. “We should get back to town,” and he began to walk away.
Avienda jumped in front of Beau before he had a chance to walk away. “NO. Beau, we talk about it know. You almost pulled your dagger on me just a moment before. You are CONSTANTLY fretting over that damn medallion. If it is affecting you, making you not think clearly, causing you to put OUR lives at risk, then we have a RIGHT to know.”
Beau looked into Avienda’s eyes and sincerely spoke to her, “I don’t know what happened to me in there, I… I can assure you it is not the medallion… it is not magical in any way. Its…” Beau paused for a moment and sighed heavily and turned to Delwyn and held his medallion out, it is a plain circular medallion with a raised family crest on it. “There is nothing special about, it is just a reminder of who I am.” He looked down at the medallion in his hand and clutched it tightly, “this is what reminds me that bad things happen to good people and in turn keeps me from being one of those bad things. I have had many things happen to me, things I do not wish to discuss, and this is just a reminder that there WAS something good in my life and keeps me looking for the good things. Now can we get going, I need a drink.”
“Yeah it kinda like seems it’s affecting your brain man. Where did ya get it? What does it actually look like? You had it in your pocket when you died man, I checked to make sure you had it but now I think it’s kinda like bad and stuff. Not like the comfort thingy I thought it was. You seem feisty right now, what’s up man?”
“NO! No drinks, not yet. May I?” Without waiting for a response she waved her hands and cast the incantation for detect magic. (Assuming none is detected on the amulet) Avienda took a deep breath in an attempt to sound more calm. “Beau, in all the time we have traveled together and fought together, you have NEVER done anything this reckless. Never given me cause to doubt you. But this,” she shook her head. “You can’t even explain to us what happened to you in there and that deeply concerns me. Did something happen to you that day the rest of us time-looped? Maybe did something snap that day you,” she struggled for words and then shrugged, “didn’t die?”
Gesturing towards the rest of the group, “We have a bounty on our heads remember? We cannot afford for Beau to be running around half-cocked…” Avienda trailed off looking to the rest of the group for support. “I’m afraid this will happen again. We may not always be this lucky.”
“Look…” Beau said with an uncomforting tone in his voice, he then stopped took a deep breath. shaking his head, “my apologies,” taking another deep breath, “I have no recollections of the events you speak of, it never happened in my mind. I believe that you saw what you saw, but it never happened for me. This medallion is all I have left, it comforts and calms me.” Beau smiled up at Avienda, “please can we head back to town, I do not like it here. I need to get back to Procampur.”
Avienda shook her head in confirmation, “Yes, it is not the most pleasant of places, I agree. We should head back to town, but this isn’t over Beau. We still need questions answered.”
Xiang nodded in agreement with the group. Strangely silent for an issue this big.



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