A Fistful of Coppers

And Continues....

Back at the Benbow

Safe to assume we all head straight to the Inn as a group and settle down to eat and drink? Allowing the role play to continue…

Beau does not head straight to the inn, he goes to the general store as fast as his legs can carry him once the party hits the town.
Carric went invisible and followed him.
DM Response:
Sure. He went to the general store, lurked outside until Meilil Helder, the owner, was alone in the store. He then quickly entered (too fast for Carric to follow without tipping them off). He spent several minutes in what looked like intense conversation with the old woman, culminating in him handing her his medallion.
She smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder, and he left soon after and went directly to the inn.

Beau continues walking toward the general store, with a sense he was being followed, he gave up on hiding from Carric and just entered the store.
Turning to the rest of the group, Avienda sighed, “now what? His medallion is not magical Delwyn. So I would deduce that it is not cursed either. I don’t know how to detect evil,” she glanced up at Starch, “but would venture to guess that Beau is telling the truth and it’s just an ordinary medallion. But, have you all noticed the glazy eye thing? He keeps, I don’t know, loosing focus and then pulling it back together,” she stared down at her feet. “I was just giving Carric a hard time back there in the swamp with the tears and all, but in all seriousness, it is kind of odd. He seems to be acting strange ever since we lost him but didn’t. You all can’t tell me that he didn’t freak you out back there, and his explanation makes no sense. A misjudgment is one thing, but he is claiming something different all together. He said he lost track of himself and was overcome. Why do I feel like I am the only one who is seeing this as a potential problem?”
Xiang glances to the rest of the party and then back to Avienda, "We can only go upon what we know, upon that information we should judge him. "When a thief steals, does one worry about why he steals or what is his motive? No they seek redemption for what was stolen. Beau has spoken why he risked our lives so foolishly, Bloodlust, it is simple. When asked if he would do it again he stated he will try not to " lose control" again." Xiang sips his herbal tea as he paused. "So with that information each must decide if having him around is worth the risk to your life? I will give my answer to this question when I see where the lines are drawn. " Xiang leans back seemingly pondering a deeper question.
“I think we need to get to the bottom of the spooky wooky timey wimey things man. Maybe it changed the little scamp just like a bit?” Delwyn turns toward Xiang with an exacerbated look, "Whoa man, like you gotta stop with the (in his best xiang impression) " I’ll let you know what I think when like everyone else makes their decision and stuff har-har." Man if you’ve like got an opinion then like say something. If you like adverbs and everything (he means Proverbs) how about “if a monk asks a question he refuses to answer like himself does anyone care?” (Delwyn can’t hide his smile as he does his impressions.) “I for one will help him. I don’t like seeing people suffer man. It’s not cool.” Delwyn sits back in his chair and looks blankly at the group. “People have helped me before. Sorry Xiang man, I didn’t mean to like poke fun but damn we saw him like die and everything. I can’t see that again, and like leaving him now would probably be doing just like that man.”
Avienda shot back at Delwyn, “So what then Delwyn? How are we supposed to help him? He doesn’t even seem to think there is anything wrong. I agree, he’s changed with the time loopy thing. We need to get to the bottom of that. But in the mean time, how do we handle him? He could go off the handle at any moment. Yes, we saw him die and everything and it was horrible, and he is little and cute. But did you see the way he looked at me? Have you noticed his glassy-eyed expressions? You talk about people refusing to answer questions,” she trails off yet again, “when are you going to answer mine? I feel like I’ve been repeating myself a lot today.” She paused to take a drink. “We need a plan. How we are going to handle Beau. We can’t leave him, or kick him out of the party. He may hurt someone else or himself, not to mention the fact that the Zhentarim are after all of us. Leaving Beau alone would give them access to him. They could ply him for information before they kill him, who knows? But if he refuses to even acknowledge that there is something wrong, then we need to keep a strong eye on him. Would you all agree?”
Xiang stared at Delwyn for a brief moment, “There are many things one can say, it takes a bit of intelligence for someone to know when not to speak.” Xiang then turned to the rest of the table, "would you travel with him if he openly tried to stab one of you? Or perhaps stole a coin purse? Where is your line? The fight in the caves could have easily been our end, what is to stop him from doing it again? These are all questions you think within your hearts but refuse to speak aloud, for fear of the words. " Xiang again looks to Delwyn " I don’t rush to judgment on either side of the argument like you do my misguided friend, this is why I hold my judgment. You rush to hold him, help him, aide him, but fail to ask yourself the most important question, is it him? Is the creature we currently walk with actually Beau? We did see him die, you all saw his body, so with his mannerisms different one can only assume that the “thing” is different.
Xiang paused again taking in his thoughts “If it is him, why is he so secretive? You drop all pretense when dealing with him, grant him your friendship and even” he motions to Delwyn “your time to aide him and help him, yet he hides the one thing that would set this whole conversation to rest, answer to our questions! Did you ever ask why?” Mock me if you wish, but I for one will not enter a hostile environment with him again until I have answers. If he chooses to keep his secrets what choice do we have but to move on?"
Taking in Xiang’s words, Avienda again spoke up, “He did try to stab me Xiang! Back there in the swamp, I saw the intent flash in his eyes. And that,” she pauses for effect, “is why we have to keep him with us. If, like you say, he is no longer Beau and he is some other creation spawned from this time-loop thing, then all the more reason to watch him. He is an even bigger liability out of our sight than in it.” She sat back in her chair, somewhat, but not completely satisfied with her decision.
In response to Xiang Delwyn replies, “Whoa man, like why do you always assume I haven’t thought things through like? I do offer him my aide, friendship, and like time and stuff. I do it because others have done it for me. I do it because like sometimes people need it. Sometimes people are more concerned for others than themselves man. I like to kinda deal with what I can and not be all concerned with every what if type of thing there is. In any case, thanks man for finally making an actual statement of your intentions and stuff. You won’t travel with him without like more information. That makes sense and for what like little it’s worth to you man I support you in it. It just doesn’t sit well with me man when your complaining that someone is mysterious but you won’t give us information till we push you too man. Avienda, I will stand by Beau and observe him man. We don’t have information right now but he isn’t going to give us anything meaningful outright I don’t think man. So we ask, we wait, and we look. At least that’s what I’m doing man. Are those answers enough for all you guys mans? Kinda feel like everybody thinks I don’t answer them or I’m not clear in my like intentions and stuff. I know that like I come off as super intelligent and everything but I’m actually I pretty simple guy guys.”
Xiang took a few moments to take in all the Delwyn said. " I understand he has been a loyal companion until now, however we must look at both sides of this issue. His glassy expressions and such ,draw for concern. If you wish to follow him, I have no problem with that. " Sits back and contemplates the issues at hand. Delwyn tilts his bottle towards Xiang and sips, sitting back in his chair.



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