A Fistful of Coppers

Beau's Excuse...and Avienda's Decision

(and his awesome background story)

Looking up from her drink, Avienda will smile painfully at Carric as he sat down at the table. If anyone was looking she appeared momentarily distracted, but regained her composure quickly as she glanced Carric’s way. Holding her tongue, she will wait for him to speak.
The door to the tavern opened slowly and quietly, Beau entered through the doorway, with a slight bounce in his step and the best fake smile he could muster. Beau looked around for his companions and then swallowed hard and walked toward the bar and ordered a mug of cider. He then looked behind him for Carric and began to slowly make his way to the table where the others were sitting. He took his seat and a large swallow of cider. He then placed his mug on the table and looked around at the group, and then down at his feet, swallowed hard and looked up at Avienda, “I owe you an apology, my words can never make up for my actions but please know I am truly sorry for the incident after the fight.” Beau looked around at the rest of the party, “and I too apologize to the rest of you, my actions in the kitchen were careless…” Beau swallowed hard again, and continued “I have had some problems lately and it stems from my past.” Beau looked at Xiang, “before you speak let me finish, I know the past is the past, but sometimes it comes to haunt us.” Beau looked around at the rest of the group and continued, "I have tried to keep my past… just that… my past, but I feel as though it is time for me to come clean and explain what has been going on. Beau told the part his backstory:

Growing up on the lakes of Ten-Towns Beau never had many things to worry about, with the exception of the harsh winters. His father was a skrimshaw artist and a gambler who one day made a wager with a traveler over the fishing on the lakes of Ten-Towns. His father lost the wager, or rather was setup to lose, and could not afford to pay the debt. To appease the traveler, who they later found out was a lieutenant of Pasha Basadoni, his father uprooted the family and moved to Calimport to serve the Pasha and the guild. At eight years old , when he was taken to Calimport, he was put to work cleaning the guild quarters. Beau worked hard at every task he was given, and by the age of nine Pasha Basadoni moved him to cleaning and helping in the private quarters and upper levels of the house. On these levels the things Beau saw and learned changed the young boy, he grew up fast and learned much in the ways of thievery. Beau quickly began picking locks… and pockets. Beau was out on the streets with a group of other boys from the guild, picking pockets and stealing from the vendors. He did not steal to gain items, it had become a game to him, Beau lived off of the adrenaline, the rush of the risk. This particular day another boy had challenged Beau to pick the pocket of a town guardsman. The risk was high, and so was the rush. He accepted the challenge and quickly, and efficiently swiped the guards coin purse. Before the guard even knew it was gone the boys were approaching the guild hall. As Beau entered, he noticed things were a mess in the hall, almost ransacked. He was quickly grabbed and escorted by the very lieutenant that his father lost the bet to that brought him to Calimport. The lieutenant explained to Beau that there had been a raid on the house and his mother and father along with many others had been killed in the attack. Beau was given the medallion that his father always carried with him. Beau knew, even at his young age, that he could not survive on the streets without the help of the guild. He continued to train, and learn everything he could to better himself. The Pasha began to rely on Beau to get jobs done, especially when another guild was involved. Beau harbored feelings of hatred toward all other guilds, and simply tolerated the guild he was in only to survive.
One day, shortly after he turned twenty five, a lieutenant came to Beau and gave him orders. The guild wanted him to infiltrate a rival guild and murder the Pasha. Beau was a thief, but not a cold blooded murder, he could not do this. That night Beau packed only what he could carry in his pockets along with his pet mouse Artemais and left. He acted as though he was on his way to infiltrate the opposing house, but instead blended into the crowd and quickly found his way out of Calimport. Beau did not know where he was going, maybe back to Ten-Towns, maybe Nesme. The thought of Waterdeep or Silverymoon crossed his mind, but he decided that he would head to Amn and then he would stop in Neverwinter for a little while. He was always fascinated at the idea of Neverwinter being heated by elementals. He would be close to Ten-Towns without the harsh winters, it would at least be a good place to lay low for a little while. As Beau traveled through Amn, he vowed to leave his thieving past behind him and start fresh where ever he ended up. Beau tries to keep his past, his past and move forward with the present and future. However, because of his training and life of thieving, Beau has to be ever vigilant not to slip back into his old ways. When he sees a fat coin purse hanging from a belt he must control his urges to lighten the load of its owner. He uses his family medallion as a reminder of what can happen in that life and when the urge comes Beau will squeeze the medallion.
Beau continued speaking to the group, “Recently I have found less comfort in my medallion and have found that it is harder for me to control the darker side of my life. I have spoken with Meilil (the shopkeep) and have gotten a lot off of my chest and feel that I have made progress personally dealing with my past. I have realized that it is the past and I am not living up to what my family would want me to be,” Beau choked up a little then sighed, “but I am in control of my life now, I do not need a reminder of my past to keep me focused. I must focus on now and the future.” with that Beau came up for air and let the others speak.
Xiang smiled, "Seems light has been shed upon the shadow , which haunts us. I thank you "
Nodding her head towards Xiang in agreement, Avienda smiled at Beau, her voice much softer then it had previously been. “Yes Beau, thank you for sharing. Everyone deserves a second chance. As I consider you a friend, I forgive you,” she spoke slowly, “I’ve always been taught to never forget though.” She looked around at the rest of the group, “I for one would be happy to have you continue on with our merry band of misfits, as long as the rest of them will have you.” She smiled and sat back in her chair.
Carric raised his mug in a toast to Beau. “This misfit would be most happy if Beau stayed.”
“That’s a tough life man, truly. I’m always like happy to help if you need it. The peanut butter Squad needs to be like good and crunchy and well mixed. Can’t be like all oil separated and needing like a stirring or something all the time. Gotta be one big sticky thing man. I gotta find some peanuts and stuff, make some of this peanut butter shit I’ve been talking about man. You guys like look at me all crazy when I talk about it. I’ll check in with Hawkins and see if he’s got like a lead or a peanut dealer or something. Glad to have that all cleared up like.” Delwyn sits back after tilting his glass to Beau and is a little pensive at the situation. He didn’t see Beau almost pull a dagger on Avienda, but he is surprised Beau’s explanation was enough for her after her fervent concern. After a moment of reflection Delwyn decided that he shouldn’t bring it up and leave the group in the more jovial state they have just entered.
Content that the halfling in her party had somewhat returned to his normal state, Avienda sat back in her chair. She was pleased with her decision to keep an eye on Beau, if things went badly again she would not find herself in the middle of it again.



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