A Fistful of Coppers

The Argument Continues....

In which Avienda calls Carric out

Starch, knowing better, allowed Avienda to finish her tirade, “I too have some troubling concerns over your actions Beau, but as you said this can wait until we return to discuss. I’m too hungry to think that hard right now.” Starch’s belly let out a loud rumble as if to punctuate his last statement.
Carric listened intently to the conversation, sympathizing with Beau. When Avienda had finished her inquisition, he looked at Beau and smiled. “I’m sure Beau will be more cautious next time.” Carric looked around at the rest. “But let’s not forget that we often have to make split second decisions – difficult ones that are literally life and death. Sometimes we’ll make mistakes and sometimes we won’t. Let’s also remember that Beau has put himself in grave danger for us – anyone remember him being captured in Phandalin? He didn’t have to take that risk, but he did. For us.”

Carric walked over to Beau and mussed his hair because he knew that Beau really hated it when he did that. Carric smiled down at the halfling. “I trust him completely.”

Beau glared up at Carric and then smiled while he tried to fix his hair.
Sending Avi an magical message, Carric said, “Ok, he may be a bit of a maniac but you can’t tell me Delwyn is normal. We’ll just need to keep a good eye on him from now on.”

Turning her head as if listening to someone whisper to her, Avienda grinned to herself. “Carric, it’s quite rude to use magic to relay a message to someone when you could quite plainly speak that message out loud to the person, so everyone can hear you TAKE HER SIDE!” Arching her eyebrow she looked at the sorceror and crossed her arms. “Of course we all make mistakes, and if that was what Beau was saying things would be different. But that’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying that he doesn’t even know what came over him. Implying that he cannot explain or control his actions. Labeling himself a loose cannon.”
Turning to face Carric, she whispered loudly. “You didn’t see his eyes Carric. He considered pulling his dagger on me. ME!!” She pointed to herself for emphasis than pointed back to Beau speaking more loudly. “If he had said, he was sorry for his action, not the result, the action. If he had said it was a mistake of judgment, he miscalculated or missed the number of lizardmen because it was dark. Any of those things I could accept. But he is essentially saying that some sort of, I don’t know, bloodlust, came over him, and you Carric are saying forgive and forget? What if he pulls a dagger on one of us?! He is exceptionally deadly with that weapon.” She fell into Carric’s arms sobbing. “I’m so afraid Carric.”

“Avienda, there are a lot of things I could say or do, but I did what I did. I cannot undo what has been done, maybe if we have to do this over again tomorrow it will be different.”
A blankness came to his eyes again, “I have nothing more to say right now, I NEED to get to Procampur.” Beau stopped for a moment closed his eyes and put his head down as if ashamed and removed his medallion to hold it in his hand. He took a deep breath and raised his head to look back at Avienda, appearing to be back to normal, “I have some personal demons and I must fight through this. Please Avienda I beg of you can we get back to Procampur. I will make everything right, but I cannot right now.”

Gathering herself and looking at Carric as if to say, “I TOLD YOU SO,” Avienda waited for the rest of the party to fall in line behind Beau before following him back to Procampur.

Knowing that they were going back to Procampur, Beau began to smile and got a small bounce in his step.
Delwyn clapped Beau on the back as he fell into stride “I think we need to talk to the inn keeper about helping me brew a peanut butter stout to commemorate our victory over the lizard king man. I believe Starch socked him pretty good for all of us. The Peanut Butter Squad rides again!” Delwyn continuds to walk without concern for what lie before him.
Carric, red-faced, rolled his eyes at Avienda as he tried to disentangle himself from the suddenly, and clearly disingenuously, emotional bard. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about. Bards. Always making things up.” Using the Message cantrip again, Carric responds to Avienda with various words and names that won’t be repeated.



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