A Fistful of Coppers

Bastian Carric Raventree's New Time Lord Powers

Carric's apology

—took place after the time traveling escapades

After far too long, Carric finally realizes that Avienda is being unusually quiet. After several hours of thought he realizes she must be mad at him and he seeks her out in private, knocking on her door.

Carric knocks again, louder
Cracking the door and looking out to Carric’s smiling face, Avienda sighs, “I have nothing to say to you Bastian.”
“Stop calling me that! Can I come in?”
“I’ll only stop calling you Bastian if you agree to start calling me Donegal.” Opening her door, Avienda ushered Carric inside.
“I’m…I’m so confused. Why would I call you Donegal?” Carric frowned with confusion as he entered. He made himself comfortable in an overstuffed chair by the ornate fireplace, then looked around the room as if noticing it for the first time. “You know, this really IS a nice room.”
“Anyway. Why are you upset with me? Because I didn’t warn Donegal?”
Avi shrugged. “It is a nice room. I’m entitled to some luxury seeing as how this day or the next could be my last. You know, I really do have other things to do considering the circumstances.” She starts pacing, “you know, things like tracking down the bastard that murdered my father, things like that you know.” She stopped pacing and looked right at Carric, “and you do know. Because, I told you about those things,” she pointed to herself in emphasis. “I thought I’d found a friend in you. I let you in on my secrets. How long have we known each other? Traveled together? How many places have we seen together, and you,” placing her hands on either arm of Carric’s chair, she leaned in. “You can’t even bother to let me know your real name?”

She stood back up. “So yes, call me Donegal, it will help me remember where I stand, as I count down the days till Lastfall burns to the ground.” Eyes slightly blurry she turned quickly away as she attempted to regain her composure.

Wide-eyed, Carric looked like he was literally trying to push himself back, through the chair.

“You’re blowing this way, way out of proportion. I already explained that my real name IS Carric. But it’s ALSO Bastian.” Carric paused a moment. “But even as dense as I am, I know this isn’t really about my name.”

Carric got up and fixed himself a drink from the wet bar, which was situated near the soaking tub. He turned back to face Avienda. “I haven’t told you or anyone much about my past because, quite simply, I’m hiding from it. My past puts YOU in danger. It puts everyone around me in danger. A guy like Swain won’t care who else gets hurt. Maybe it was wrong to keep that from you, but that was the decision I made.” Carric turned away from Avi and gazed out the window, in to the night. “And maybe I’m not just trying to hide from my past… maybe I’ve been trying to forget it. We may not be able to change who we WERE, but we CAN change who we are.”

Leaning up against her canopy bed, Avienda looked at Carric and sighed. “Maybe you haven’t learned how this whole thing works. Quantum did say there wasn’t much ticking up there didn’t he?” She gestured towards his head. “You and I, Xiang, Starch, Beau, hell even Delwyn. We’re a team.” She walked over towards the soaking tub and pulled a lever on the wall. The wet bar and tub rotated away revealing a blank wall with a chalkboard. She started drawing. “Here’s me. (beautiful stick-figure) The captain. Here’s you. (stick-figure, eye patch, no beard) You would be the First Mate. Everyone else,” smaller stick figures, “crew mates. Now, the Captain, and the First Mate,” she winked at Carric, “we tell each other everything. Somebody like Swain messes with you, you let me know, and vice versa. You have something icky in your past, you tell me. That way,” she crossed her arms, “if someone from your past shows up, and he’s all sweet-talking and good-looking,” she sashayed around her room, “I’ll be prepared! I’ll know enough to tell him to jump ship! Keeping secrets from me is not protecting me Carric! I can take care of myself. Papa always said that knowledge is power. The more I know, the better off I’ll be.”

She tossed the piece of chalk over to him and settled down on the bed pointing towards the chalkboard. “Now that that’s taken care of, I have questions. Why did Quantum pull you aside? What did he say? If we had been unsuccessful at saving Beau what would have happened to him? If you had warned Donegal in time how would this current time be different? How in the hell are we supposed to save ourselves from dying outside of Lastfall?”
Carric rolled his eyes when Avi drew his stick figure and again when she referred to Kal Morrigan, but otherwise kept his tongue. He knew better than to interrupt her when she was on a roll. When she had finished, he got up, walked over to the board and added a glorious full beard to the figure representing him. Setting the chalk down, he turned to face her.

“You know, you’re right. I should have been more forthcoming about all of this. I’m sorry I wasn’t.” Carric walked over and sat next to Avi. “As for Quantum, he gave me a gift.” Carric pulled up his sleeve to reveal a gold bracelet with an odd looking round adornment on it.
“He said I can use it as a sort of focus for my natural chronomantic abilities. I’m thinking about adding the title ‘The Timelord’ to my name.” Carric let his sleeve fall to cover the bracelet. “As to your questions about Beau and the possible fate of Lastfall… I don’t have any answers that I’m 100% certain of, but I do believe we had no choice in making sure events played out just as they did. I don’t think it would have ended well for Beau, especially, if we had done otherwise.” Carric shrugged. “I’m still new at this chronomancing stuff.”
Grabbing his hand as to get a better look at the braclet, “so how does it work? Can you travel through time like Quantum? Can you make two of you?” She looked around her room for a second bearded version of Carric while she waited for an answer.
“No, I can’t travel through time… or at least I don’t think so, not yet anyway. I can stop time briefly though. And I can heal injuries by essentially sending someone’s body back a few minutes to a point in time before they were injured. A couple other things. I’m nowhere near as powerful as Quantum though.”

“Can you do me a favor though? I don’t really want the others to know, at least not yet. They might be sort of put off by it after our experiences with chronomancing…”

“A couple other things? Like what? I won’t say anything. Promise.”
Carric muttered a few words and made a circular gesture with his finger.

Avienda looked inquisitively at him. “A couple other things? Like what? I won’t say anything. Promise.”

Carric got up and walked over to the wet bar.

Avienda looked inquisitively at him. “A couple other things? Like what? I won’t say anything. Promise.”

Carric fixed himself a new drink.

Avienda looked inquisitively at him. “A couple other things? Like what? I won’t say anything. Promise.”

Carric walked back over and sat down next to her and sipped at his drink.

Avienda looked inquisitively at him. “A couple other things? Like what? I won’t say anything. Promise.”

Carric was half way through his drink when she finally stopped asking.

“That’s a Time Snare. Whoever I cast it on tries to repeat something they just did or said for a minute or two. I can also reduce our need for food and drink for days at a time, or delay the effects of a poison.”

Avienda punched Carric in the arm, hard. “You should have gotten me a drink too!”



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