A Fistful of Coppers

Groundhog Day

Lord Burl was talking but Carric was having trouble concentrating on what the head of the Lastfall Militia was saying.

Carric sat there, waffles precariously dangling from the fork he held just a few inches from his mouth, looking at Beau.

“Beau.” he half whispered to himself.

He put his fork down.


The halfling smiled at Carric. “…. why are you looking at me that way? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Carric’s head swam and he thought the eaten portion of his breakfast – if he had actually eaten any… he didn’t recall eating it – might make an appearance. Thankfully the wave of nausea passed and he looked around the table at his companions. They also were all looking at Beau with confused expressions. Avienda was half out of her chair and Delwyn looked like he had gotten in to those strange mushrooms again. Beau just looked uncomfortable. In fact, he looked like he wanted to melt out of his chair, right on to the floor, through the floorboards and just keep going. “Why… why are ALL of you looking at me that way?”

Lord Burl cleared his throat loudly, and looked annoyed. “Is now a bad time?”

Carric turned to Burl almost as if seeing him for the first time. “Uh… no… no. I’m sorry Lord Burl. Please continue.” As the militia commander spoke, Carric realized he had heard this all before, word for word. He managed to pretend to be listening when in reality he was trying to piece it all together.

Beau had died. They saw him. They saw the knives sticking out of him, a testament to the violence that had been inflicted upon him. They had carried his small body to the temple, laying it gently before the priest. Then they reluctantly set aside their grief, and headed to the swamp, each alone with their own thoughts. With a glance around the table Carric recognized that his companions were also slowly realizing what was happening. Except for Beau. He looked oblivious though still a bit nervous over all the strange attention he was being given.

Still a bit flustered, Lord Burl finished speaking and bade the group farewell before leaving.

They all looked at Beau. He laughed nervously. “Seriously… why are you all looking at me?” Carric cocked his head to the side. “You don’t remember? You don’t remember what happened?” Another nervous chuckle. “Remember what? When? You guys are kind of scaring me.”

Carric looked around the table, but nobody was coming up with the words to explain it to Beau. He sighed and leaned towards the halfling. “This is going to sound crazy, but you have to trust me on this. And if you don’t believe any of what I’m about to say -” he gestured at the others " – just ask them. They were… are… were… there."

For the next 20 minutes Carric explained to Beau what had happened the previous day. He was understandably skeptical at first but eventually realized his friend was telling him the truth. It made sense. They had seen the strange time loop phenomenon in Procampur so it wasn’t much of a stretch for it to happen in Lastfall.

Despite the disconcerting nature of events repeating, the group decided that they still had a responsibility to Procampur to investigate the lizardfolk attacks. This time though, they were armed with the knowledge, they hoped, of where they would find the lizardfolk in the swamp and would be able to avoid them this time around. But it was not to be. When they came upon the first group of Lizardfolk, they were discovered anyway, and a melee ensued. The fight this time was shorter and they manage to capture a shaman before Carric could roast him.

With some thorough questioning and only a few mild threats, the shaman revealed that a new lizard king had emerged, uniting all of the lizardfolk and inciting them to attack outsiders. He also told the adventurers that this new king was in search of something called “The Black Chalice” but he didn’t know what it was. The shaman begged to be let go and promised to never take part in attacks on outsides again. After some deliberations, mercy ruled the day and they let him go.



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